Medical Services

It is our privilege to offer you quality medical services.  On our mobile unit, we offer lab quality pregnancy tested and sonograms.  In our centers, we can provide further services as well, including STD screening and treatment.  Why should I get screened for an STI before having an abortion?

Lab Quality Pregnancy Tests

Why do we start with a pregnancy test? Because you might not even be pregnant.  This is your first step in determining what your options are.  If your pregnancy test is positive, you may then opt to receive a high quality sonogram.




When you  choose to receive a sonogram, you will be welcomed by one of our registered sonographers.  We will be able to determine the size and location of the fetus, whether or not it has a viable heartbeat, and how far along you are.  This is all information that is critical for you to know before you can decide what choice is best for you.