Take a Self Assessment

Are you considering having an abortion?  Take our online Self-Assesment now and see just how ready you are!

1) Have you explored all your options?  yes no
2) Have you had an ultrasound from someone other than the abortionist
to verify it is a viable pregnancy?
 yes no
3) Has medical personnel fully explained all the possible short and
long-term complications, including physical as well as psychological?
 yes no
4) Would you choose to have an abortion if you had enough support
to keep your baby?
 yes no
5) Have you considered how adoption may provide a reasonable alternative
to abortion?
 yes no
6) Are other people involved in this decision pressuring you to make a decision?  yes no
7) Do you have mixed feelings about the abortion?  yes no
8) Do you have cultural, family or religious beliefs that are against abortion?  yes no
9) Did you have feelings against or qualms about abortion before you
found yourself pregnant?
 yes no
10) Are you prone to depression, anxiety, or regret and guilt over past decisions?  yes no
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