About Ectopic Pregnancies

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Ectopic literally means “out of place.” In a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants and develops inside the uterus. In most ectopic pregnancies, the egg settles in the fallopian tubes. This is why ectopic pregnancies are referred to as “tubal pregnancies.” The egg can also implant in the ovary, abdomen, or the cervix, so you also might see these referred to as cervical or abdominal pregnancies.

None of these areas has as much space or nurturing tissue as a uterus for a pregnancy to develop. As the fetus grows, it will eventually burst the organ that contains it. This can cause severe bleeding and endanger the mother’s life. A classical ectopic pregnancy does not develop into a live birth.

About one of every 50 known pregnancies is ectopic. A sonogram is necessary to confirm if you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Contact us to schedule a high quality sonogram.