A New Approach to Detecting a Drugged Drink

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Did you know that roughly a fourth of women between their late teens and early twenties will be the victim of date rape or attempted date rape?

While alcohol is the number one date rape substance in America (used by assailants and/or victims in as many as 70% of cases), date rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB are still being widely used to produce heavy sedation and memory loss. Now there is a new kid on the block called the “PD.ID: Your Personal Drink I.D.” to make it even easier to spot a tainted drink.

How It Works - The pd.id is a small, lightweight device about the size of a domino. It has sensors that test the beverage light spectrum and conductivity to assess if a drink has been tainted or not. If you place the device in a drink, a green light will flash if the drink is clean, and a red light lets you know it has been tainted. Brilliant, eh?

How Do You Get It - While the pd.id is still in the product-testing phase, maker Indiegogo hopes to roll out the product for around $75 sometime in April 2015. Until then, watch those drinks (and those dates) ladies!

A few tips to remember:

1)      Never leave a drink unattended

2)      Watch the waiter/ waitress or bartender pour your drink yourself- don’t let someone just give you a drink

3)      Always have your drink within eyesight

4)      Know everyone that is at your table or booth. Always remember ‘Stranger Danger!’

You Tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4dkZbIUVjU

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/32759-indiegogo-gadget-pdid-your-personal-drink-id-quietly-tells-you-if-your-drinks-spiked