A Young Adult Pastor’s Interview About Abortion

Sonograms, The SOS Team

Young Adult pastor and friend of the team here at Sonograms on Site, Phil Ogilvie, recently interviewed Daryl Harshbarger at The Awakening, his young adult gathering on Sunday mornings.  It was a great time to be honest about what is happening in Dallas today around the issues of pro-life and abortion.  Here is a short excerpt from Pastor Phil’s response to the interview.

Daryl, thank you for coming on Sunday morning.  Our community needs to hear this and with a group our size, I know that almost everyone has been touched in some way by this issue.  We had some great conversation afterward and we continue to talk about it.  It was a step toward openness and honesty   Not just on the topic of abortion, but on other hard areas that don’t get discussed in church as well.

I was blown away by some of your statistics you shared and by the story of the young woman that was able to receive help for you.  Thank goodness you were there for her.  It’s amazing that more people are not doing what Sonograms on Site is doing.  It is truly helping people.  Please keep going. And thank you for being so open with us and helping us discuss this hard issue.


Young Adult Pastor at The Awakening

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